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Counselling with Room2

I am an integrated practitioner which means I have different modalities (tool kits) to use during our work together.

Approaches and methods

At the core of our work is a person-centred approach. This means you are met here without judgement, with empathy for you in the struggle and a compassionate regard for you as a human. I see us as equals. 

I use techniques such as Gestalt. This opens feelings in the present moment to explore what they communicate. The feelings may have been around for a long time. There may be somatic feelings too - feelings held in your body. 

Another  technique I use is transaction analysis which supports exploration in to relational patterns. I call this ‘the dance’. 

I do not give advice although clients often ask what I think or what I might do. We can open dilemmas up and this can lead to finding solutions. Finding safety in the body is key and I will be working with you to feel safe in session. Some clients find breath-work helpful, others benefit from slow paced calm sessions. 

My approach will be tailored to you.

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Our work together begins where you choose to start

We work on your agenda. I see you as the expert on your experiences and I work with you to begin unpacking what is impacting you. 

Then as we move along there may be deeper work to uncover, this is often in the shadows of our understanding.

The work here can bring greater clarity for you, there may be unexpressed thoughts, feelings or patterns to be found here.

As the therapy progresses you will begin to feel more comfortable in the deeper places of feeling. You may discover a greater understanding of your self and how your experiences have shaped who you are.

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Some lovely words from R2 clients

Right from the very beginning, Jill did her best to make me feel at home. The environment was a welcoming one, with plenty of supportive visual cues. Jill herself has a very calm manner, which makes it easy to adjust from the stresses of outside life to the slower pace of a session.
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